28 January 2011

make your own "buttons" :)

i made this one for a challenge host by KP (one of the blog i stalk the most ;;) at club CK ;) to make buttons as embellishment with decorative sciccors. i got my sciccors from popular book store :) as long as the paper is not too thick, these sciccors definitely can work well!

i'm gonna share it here :)

1. pick ur favorite patterned paper, choose ones with small motifs, (**if it is too big, it can't be seen, unless u want to make giant buttons** hehehe) and cut with your choosen decorative sciccors. i love the scallop one.
2. add eyelets as holes on your buttons. u can also add 4 eyelets for each button.
3. as an accent, i apply glossy accent on the buttons ;)
4. add ribbon or twine. tadaaa.. u have ur embellishments ready!

and here is my lay out :) my first lay out in 2011.

thanks for dropping by. take care & be blessed! ;)

26 January 2011

i love indonesia :)

as mentioned in my profile, i am indonesian, and i'm proud of that!
i love the food, i love my hometown, i love the people, and i love that indonesia has so many beautiful places.. just like the famous BALI! :)
when i was a kid, one of my teacher told me that most foreign tourists know about bali, but don't know about indonesia..

last march 2010, i went to bali to attend my church friend's wedding. we taught sunday school together when she was still here. and i had sooooo many pictures taken.. thanks to my photographer friends..

i scrap 1 photo, taken amateurly by a "teh botol" seller.. only after sometime we realised that somebody below the tree wished to join.. hahaha..

i made this layout based on sketch 221 of pencil lines. oh, i love this kioshi basic grey & this cabage rose girl's paperie.. glad that i also can use my hambly collection.


beside this layout, i earlier have made some other layouts with my bali vacation pictures.. tadaaaa..

first one, made for a challenge in MWL. it was a though challenge for me, to scrap colorless with only black & white..

second one, for a color (color combos galore 162) & a sketch challenge..

third one, made for a challenge in the studio challenges - a no-patterned-paper challenge , the color room #34, and 2ps weekly challenge to scrap a lyric.. :) also a though one, as i usually start from the patterned paper, not from the photo.. haha... i was so glad that i won a RAK from Jeanette's blog earlier, so i can use the "perfect moment" & bird as embellishments.. check her blog out, she can inspire you in many ways ;;)

beside bali, indonesia also has something famous that i scrap here.. i love this basic grey & jillibean paper and just kept it for a long time, as the colors are not really my type. until there was this weekly challenge @ 2ps: "inspired by fashion". and i remember that i have this picture of us, attending a friend's wedding in BATIK..

hope u will be inspired to come & visit indonesia, one day.. well, of course this "welcome note" is addressed for non indonesian lahh.. :)

thanks for dropping by.. just let me know if u want to know more about indonesia.. i will be more than happy to assist u :)

take care & God bless!

25 January 2011

The Gray is the New Black!

My first post for a challenge! :) It's "Gray is the New Black Challenge in the Moxie Fab World". 
Hey, it's true, gray can match nicely with many colors. And gray really does give a calm sweet sense on the color combination. Well, i'm using light gray.. I think dark grey can deepen the sense, instead.

Well, hopefully I can still meet the challenge's deadline ;)  **cross my fingers** though, it might be late for you to submit yours after having read my blog post, you still can enjoy the "inspiration pics" and people's submissions by clicking the links through mr. linky one by one.. hehehe.. 

And these are my very first 2 cards.. finally, i started to make cards :)

In addition to those cards, I had made a grayish layout last time, and  that was before I knew about this challenge.  I think, I will share that here as well. I printed some small photos in black & white, and that make the layout even look more grayish.

Thanks for dropping by. :) Be blessed & take care! :)

20 January 2011

First Minibook, First Year Anniversary, Fave Photo

As promised, I am going to showcase my first minibook.
I was so excited to start scrapbooking, but still felt hesitate to create a 12x12 layout, that time.

Another thing, I felt that patterned papers I bought from my LSS are too expensive for my first project, when I was still unsure how I can turn it out.. So I used some free patterned paper from magazines.

(Fyi, most of my scrapbook magazines are from my DBF. When my days are not going so well – he knew it well, as I will keep him updated by grumbling all day as we communicate through yahoo messenger – he would get me a small gift to light up my mood at the end of the day, as we take our dinner. Isn’t he so sweeeeett… ***wink wink***)

For the base of the minibook itself, I recycled an A4 envelope, and cut it into 8 pieces. Can’t you see how thrifty I am?? It was just the beginning, before I become addicted to shop my scrapbook supplies online, both from a local online store the scrapbook carton and a couple of US online stores.. 

Enough for intro, here comes the minibook.. 

This is a gift to my DBF on our 1yr anniversary.. :) :) 

and it was featured in MWL blog on 25 Jul 2010, to welcome me as a new member to the forum :) 
thank you, Aida! she is the DT coordinator in MWL. you can check her blog here, and be inspired with all of her great creations! i've browsed her 2ps gallery also!

for the anniversary itself, i made a layout with a picture taken from that evening's dinner. 
does anyone notice my swollen right eye? i had a cornea ulcer, infected from my contact lens.. 
bad timing for taking picture on a special day, but those 4 days MC allowed me to finish the minibook! hahaha.. 

have i mentioned before, i always made my layout for a challenge or more than 1 challenge. 

this one i made for scrap dares (a challenge @MWL) host by Piradee! aaa.. how i love her blog
it was my first time to use a sketch for my layout! the sketch was made by Jana Eubank. check out her sketch blog for more inspiring sketches..

and also for color room palette #21, my first take in this lovely color challenge blog, "The Color Room"!

and guess what.. i was randomly picked as a winner by Piradee's DH! thank you thank you.. :)

as for the cover photo of the minibook... that's my fave photo of us! until now, it is still my favorite!
it was taken by our dear friend. a talented photographer who is now also a videographer... and soon, she will be leaving singapore.. ;(( i'm gonna miss u, friend.. can't wait until she created her own blog for her passion in photography.. 

i made a layout with that photo! 
well, actually, i used our favorite photos in the minibook. some more, we do not have that so many photos... hahaha..   

not just my fave photo. this is also one of my fave layout so far..

that's all for now. 

thanks for reading my post, take care & be blessed :)


14 January 2011

my top twenty

yes, it's a top twenty.. as i have only made 20 layouts up to now! hahaha..
only the #20 was made this Jan 2011, the rest was made in second half 2010.

so, here comes my story..
i came to Singapore last Feb 2007, in the same year, i came across a sweet store, Made With Love.
then i registered for a "just gettin' started" class. i was so thrilled with the class and all of these "scrapbooking" stuffs! some more, they served 1 drink of my choice! (so sad, the cafe@MWL is closed down).
as i was so busy with many things, i never do any scrapbooking after the class. i do not even finish the layout i have started in the class.
but i keep on visiting the store everytime i had a chance, and did buy some stuffs.

until last year, i felt so drowned with my exam (May 2010) and its preparation nights. that was my second attempt for that paper, may be that added some more stress on me. (thanks God, i passed! :) just passed, i must be so favored!)

back to the main story..
to relieve my burden and to fill up my emotional tank (haha. i use this term quite often nowadays), i decided to do scrapbooking! it was mid 2010.

so i dig up my boxes and start to scrapbook!

another thing, now i have my boyfriend with me. i always cherish every single time we spend together. and want to remember all of that sweet memories. our relationship always be an inspiration to me, to my layouts.

well, actually, my first project after that long hibernation is not a layout. it's a minibook! i will share about it in my blog one day.

i'm not a good writer, please bear with me.. just look at the pictures, if these words confuse you.. hahaha.. i plan to showcase each of my layouts later on.

thanks for looking!
if there is anyone reading.. beside me, my boyfriend & my other friend. hahaha..
since i only plan to "broadcast" this blog after at least i have 5 to 10 posts.
but if u happen to read this, and you are not any of those 3 people i mentioned, (of course u cannot be me! hahaha.. ***what i am talking about??***), please do leave a comment.. so i can say "thanks" to you.. hahaha.

11 January 2011


i start my very own blog :) i didn't mean to start it today, actually. 
i was just triying my curiosity and click the "create blog" button, 
until i realized that today's date is a good date: 11-1-11!!

beside that, today is also a special day for me & my dear boyfriend :)

and we spent some times in our fave place! NLB! hahaha.. 

We've got to hold on to what we've got . . .
We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer
We've got to hold on ready or not
You live for the fight when it's all that you've got.
We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer

i made a layout inspired by this song before. 
most embellishments are from Made With Love
(the local scrapbook store that made me love this hobby!) yay, i won a challenge!
well, it's randomly picked  by the super talented Piradee

that's all for my pilot post.