14 January 2011

my top twenty

yes, it's a top twenty.. as i have only made 20 layouts up to now! hahaha..
only the #20 was made this Jan 2011, the rest was made in second half 2010.

so, here comes my story..
i came to Singapore last Feb 2007, in the same year, i came across a sweet store, Made With Love.
then i registered for a "just gettin' started" class. i was so thrilled with the class and all of these "scrapbooking" stuffs! some more, they served 1 drink of my choice! (so sad, the cafe@MWL is closed down).
as i was so busy with many things, i never do any scrapbooking after the class. i do not even finish the layout i have started in the class.
but i keep on visiting the store everytime i had a chance, and did buy some stuffs.

until last year, i felt so drowned with my exam (May 2010) and its preparation nights. that was my second attempt for that paper, may be that added some more stress on me. (thanks God, i passed! :) just passed, i must be so favored!)

back to the main story..
to relieve my burden and to fill up my emotional tank (haha. i use this term quite often nowadays), i decided to do scrapbooking! it was mid 2010.

so i dig up my boxes and start to scrapbook!

another thing, now i have my boyfriend with me. i always cherish every single time we spend together. and want to remember all of that sweet memories. our relationship always be an inspiration to me, to my layouts.

well, actually, my first project after that long hibernation is not a layout. it's a minibook! i will share about it in my blog one day.

i'm not a good writer, please bear with me.. just look at the pictures, if these words confuse you.. hahaha.. i plan to showcase each of my layouts later on.

thanks for looking!
if there is anyone reading.. beside me, my boyfriend & my other friend. hahaha..
since i only plan to "broadcast" this blog after at least i have 5 to 10 posts.
but if u happen to read this, and you are not any of those 3 people i mentioned, (of course u cannot be me! hahaha.. ***what i am talking about??***), please do leave a comment.. so i can say "thanks" to you.. hahaha.


  1. halo halo irene...
    glad finally see you again, nice blog and keep it coming ok :)

  2. thank you liana.. thank you so much!!! :)
    thank you for being so nice and kind!!