29 August 2011

singapore i'm in love

finally, i finished my page for MWL's national day scrapbook contest!
this layout theme had been sitting in my mind for quite a long time, i always wish to scrap a page about Singapore in specific, as SG is where i met my dbf and where we spend our great times :)

but my process of scrapping has been inspired by several things, let me jot them down 1 by 1

started with the attractive your singapore logo that inspired the "base" of my layout.. i remember the time when the campaign took place, i was so excited everytime i saw another  fun & catchy advertisement at the bus stop, or anywhere..

and then, these 2 great LOs from the super talented kelly purkey really blown me away.. when i firstly saw the US map layout, i promised myself that i will scraplift this with SG map.. before i made it, MWL came out with this contest and the tutorial of making these 2 map pages was posted.. oh how i wish i could scraplift every single page of hers.. hahahaha... i'm a big fans of KP! :)

when i confused about the title, suddenly i remember an old movie from my home country: "eiffel, i'm in love".. a romantic comedy played with some teenagers.. a good one though
and here comes my layout.. 
the toughest part was in picking photos, as i have so many photos taken in many part of SG :) in our spare time (which is not so much), we usually tried to visit a place that we never visited before.. like the museums, new shopping centres, from east coast to west coast.. 
i enjoy the process of seeking matched pictures as the embellishments.. but the most enjoyable part was the process of connecting photos to the main map with twine :)   

i decided to use my blue chalkboard tattered angels mist as water color to "frame" the SG map.. surprisingly, it turned that this blue frame looks like the sea water in the map ;) i use the same way to create a base to my title :) it's thickers from AC. the "heart felt sticker", again, is a giveaway gift from the lovely jeanette :)
i'm happy that i can make use of my patterned paper stash in a good way :) and the background is from scenic route, a brand that was discontinued before i started practicing this hobby.. i really love SR's background paper, i wish i bought more papers.. look, that light blue grid make my page looks more like a map :)

thank you for dropping by :) i hope u enjoy ur time here..

take care & God bless! 


  1. We were in Singapore at the end of last year and fell in love with it! Cannot wait to go back and this Lo makes me want to go NOW!!

    This is such a cool idea, I had to go check out the tut, thanks for pointing it out. You have done it proud, love this so much. Good luck with the contest. x

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee these!!! WOW WOW WOW! I loveeeeeeeeee that map lo you made! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Those are awesome examples from KP! She is one amazing scrapper and so are you! I love ur version too, those lil twine/string you used are so fun ;)

  4. I hope you know how absolutely WONDERFUL your layout is, WOWOW, what a cool idea and this is just so absolutely inspiring!!! I LUURV your version!

  5. Hello Irene...these absolutely georgous, I love the way u used twine ;) let's meet up again when u free.

  6. Wow! These are awesome awesome layouts!!! :)

  7. Supah fun layout, Irene! :)