13 March 2013

hello my blog :)

I finally open my blog & post something into it, after 1.5 years neglecting it. poor blog..
I'm currently preparing for something new! (no! that's not what I've been doing for the last 1.5 years, of course) ;)

Before that, I'm gonna share 1 of 2 layouts I made lately. Yeah.. I finally made a layout. :)

This lay out I made mainly using my new "Mama Elephant" stamp set. Who could resist this whole cuteness?? Not me! I challenged myself to use stamping only on my layout. I used colorful ink for stamping. To make it more versatile, I used tracing paper / vellum for frames & journal base.

more details:

Those pictures were taken on my wedding last Oct 2012 :) a sweet surprise from our Church friends. Who would think that those 2 sweet singers is actually an opening for a Gangnam Style flash mob? And they finally dragged me & my hubby to join the crowd?? Really, until now, I would always remember that night as I heard that song!

I did so many DIY decoration etc, you may see a little bit of the backdrop in my layout. I will try to share more on my DIY weddings, in a hope to inspire anyone who is expecting to do some DIY for her wedding.

This is what I've been preparing lately.. my etsy shop :)

I'm listing up some stuffs (save as draft) and arranging the others.. I hope I could open it up this weekend!
Please stop by for a little browsing :) and a little shopping :)

<<post updated>>

Please use coupon code: DISC5 to enjoy - still open for the next 5 buyers.
I wish you’ll be having a pleasant time browsing our knick knacks. 

Some listings up on the shop:


Thank you for dropping by!

Take care & God bless!

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